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What is Biz Alerts (Business Opportunities Alert Service)?

The Mercell UK BizAlerts is a personalised tender alert service for suppliers in Ireland to receive alerts for published tenders from the UK, matching their profile (CPV-codes, geography, sectors, types of notices etc.) into their inbox.

You can receive tender alerts in a single email from multiple contracting organisations using the Mercell (EU Supply) portal including the UK Public Sector, The National eProcurement platform for Ireland and the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority.

In addition, our alerts will include all tenders published on the National UK Contracts Finder and Find-a-Tender Service platforms.

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29€ /month


Best for suppliers looking for all

Irish tenders and UK contract

opportunities on Mercell CTM


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All Irish tenders

Mercell UK tenders




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Unlimited users

All Irish tenders

Mercell UK tenders

Contracts Finder UK tenders

Find-a-Tender UK tenders

UK Nuclear tenders

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What our customers say..

This is great value for money and it was very easy to register indeed. - IT Supplier.

I am very much looking forward to get alerts for Ireland as this is a new market for us.- Cleaning Services Company.